Another Open Source Metaverse... No NFT apes involved

Photo FunkySheep
7 avril 2022
Hello everyone,

I'am looking for experienced people to build together a geo anchored metaverse.

I have a working prototype I developped to validate the concept and need to gather a crew to develop the project to the next level.

What I have so far:

- Real world streaming based on open APIs
- NodeJS backend

What I want to build:

- Integrated game and real world economy based on bitcoin lightning
- Using AR to build local bridges between the real and virtual world
- Allow content creator to monetise new content or games inside the world

What I need:

- Talented people with enought spare time to be elvolved on a long term project.

What will be the rewards:

- Fees on in game and out game transaction for the crew
- Any other ideas from the crew.

Feel free to contact me on discord:

Photo FunkySheep
27 avril 2022
DevLog #2 Road system creation. Increasing player speed.
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